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Total Support HelpDesk Stand Alone Pricing
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Total Support HelpDesk w/ optional (free) built-in CRM
Licensing is 'concurrent' connections.
Software & licensing installed on your server.
On-Premises Subscription Licensing.
All purchases include maintenance and support service for Total Support HelpDesk.
Pre-paid annually.
Pricing subject to change without notice.

Single User: $75 USD/user/mo

Multi User: $40 USD/user/mo


Act! CMLINK (requires Act! Connect)
Compatible to Act! PREM v18 & v19   $125 one-time cost
Compatible to Act! WEB v22,23,& 24   $125 one-time cost

ADO CMLINK (require contacts database using ADO/OLEDB driver)
$125 one-time cost

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